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Ch 7 - Sensory Motor Systems

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Psychology 2220A/B
Jody Culham

Lecture 7Sensory Motor Systems Ch 8 sec 8185 88 Ch 6 Sec 66 3 principles of Sensorimotor control 1 Sensorimotor system is hierarchically organizedHigh to low association cortex to the musclesHigher levels are free to perform more complex functionsSignals flow between levels over multiple paths Functional Segregation each level is composed of different units neural structures which each perform a different functionSystem is parallel to the sensory system in all but one way sensory flows up hierarchy sensorimotor flows down2 Motor output is guided by sensory input Sensory feedback eyes organs of balance and receptors in muscles skin and joints monitor body responses and relay info back in to the sensorimotor circuitsBallistic movements brief all or nothing high speed movements which are the only responses not influenced by sensory feedbackAdjustments in motor output that occur in response to sensory feedback are controlled unconsciously by the lower levels without the involvement of the higher levels 3 Learning can change the nature and the locus of sensorimotor controlDuring initial stages of motor learning each individual response is performed under conscious control Eventually individual responses become organized and integrated into continuous sequences of action which are adjusted by sensory feedback without conscious regulation Sensorimotor Association Cortex Two major areas of Sensorimotor Associate CortexPosterior Parietal Association
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