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Ch 11 - Drug Addiction and Reward

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Psychology 2220A/B
Jody Culham

Lecture 11Drug Drug Addiction and Reward Ch 15 151153 Pharmacological studies scientific study of drugs Psychoactive Drugs drugs that influence subjective experience and behavior by acting on the nervous system Drug administration and Absorption 1 Oral ingestion dissolves in stomach and carried t intestine and bloodstream or readily pass through the stomach wall alcohol 2 Injection subcutaneous intramuscularly or intravenously IV delivers drugs straight to the brain This directness leaves little time to correct an overdose or impurity 3 Inhalation drugs absorbed into bloodstream through capillaries in lungs 4 Absorption through mucous membranes of the nose mouth and rectum Once a drug enters the bloodstream its carried to the CNS Bloodbrain barrier helps to prevent dangerous blood borne chemicals to pass from the blood vessels of the CNS to its neurons Mechanisms of drug action May act diffusely on membraneMay bind to receptorsMay influence synthesistransport release or deactivation of particular neurotransmitters Drug metabolism converts drug from active from to non active form Enzymes from the liver synthesize the drugs Drug tolerance shift in
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