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Ch 12 - Consciousness

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Psychology 2220A/B
Jody Culham

Lecture 12Consciousness Ch 16 162163 Corpus callosum largest cerebral commissural Connects and divides hemispheres Scotoma area of blindness produced by damage to or disruption of an area of the visual systemhemispheres can act as two separate brains and the corpus callosum transmits information between them Cross cuing non neural communication between hemispheres that have been separated by commissurotomy Helping hand phenomenon redirection of one hand of a split brain patient by the other hand Visual completion completion or filling in of a scotoma by the brain Chimera figure tests test of visual completion in split brain subjects that uses pictures composed of the left and right halves of two different faces Z lens contact lens that is opaqe on one side and thus allows visual input to enter only one hemisphere of a splitbrain subject irrespective of eye movementDifferences between left and right hemispheres Left hemisphere contains verbal and motor abilities
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