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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Western University
Psychology 2220A/B
Scott Mac Dougall- Shackleton

Chapter 9 Post Freudian PsychodynamicsNeoFreudian or Post Freudian or Ego Pyschologists represent a wide range of innovations that have been given many different labels began with Freuds own followers including daughter Anna Freud and moved on to some radical departures from his ideasunifying themefocus on Psychodynamic Motivational level of analysisattention to diversity of human motives mentalemotional processes in personality development post early childhood which Freud neglectedI Toward Ego Psychology and the Self More attention now on concept and functions of ego and self rather than the idnewer trends coins ego psychologyego psychologistsrecognize ego has crucial functions relatively independent of underlying id deals with higherorder cognitive motives and goals ie powerNeoFreudianshuman development more of a continuous process thorugh life began to view personality as a life long development not isolated within the psyche of the individual drama of early lifeAnna Freud and the Ego Defense Mechanisms Freud identifiedfocused on mechanism of denial and repression Anna Freudprovided important analyses of the various forms of defense Freud fatherdaughter relationship underlines importance of understanding defense mechanisms including ones own Most analysts now view them as core of psychodynamics mechanisms via which ego tries to1 subordinate impulses test reality and accomadate the demands of the superego2 continuous conflict between impulses seeking discharge and defenses designed to transform these wished into acceptable form for the ego3 energy is exahgneddirected toward different objects a mediated by mechanisms of defenseTransformation of Motives Sadistic aggressive impulse might be transformed into interest in surgery Sexual wishes to mother may be transformed into career in painting madonnasIn focus 91 Anna and Freuds relationshipProjectionpersons own unacceptable impulses are inhibited and the source of the anxiety is attributed to another person presumably gives relief because it reduces anxietyReaction Formationperson transforms an anxietyproducing impulse into its opposite impulses are expressed thorugh both of these mechanisms but in a disguise that makes them acceptable to the ego Rationalizationinvolves trying to deceive oneself by making rational excuses for unconscious impulses that are unacceptable Sublimationan ego defense significant in the development of culture redirection of impulses from an object or target that is sexual or aggressive to on that is social in character
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