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Chapter 1

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Psychology 2221B
Derek Quinlan

Chapter 1: What is biopsychology? Coolidge Effect: the fact that a copulating male who becomes incapable of continuing to copulate with one sex partner can often recommence copulating with another sex partner. Lordosis: arched-back, rump up, tail-diverted posture of female rodent sexual receptivity Quasiexperimental study: studies of groups of subjects who have been exposed to the conditions of interest in the real world. Case studies: studies that focus on a single case or subject • Problem is their generalizability...the degree to which their results can be applied to real life Pure research: research for curiosities sake Applied research: research for direct benefit to humankind Major divisions of biopsychology… • Physiological psychology: study of the neural mechanisms of behaviour by manipulating nervous systems of nonhuman animals in controlled experiments • Psychopharmacology: study of th
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