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Western University
Psychology 2310A/B
Rod Martin

Schizophrenia contdBiological Aspects of Schizophrenia contdNeurophysiologyStructural and functional abnormalitiesDifferent patterns in different patientsNo integrated model of neural pathologyEnlarged lateral ventricles Cortical atrophyesp frontal lobes also temporal lobes basal gangliaFrontal lobe hypofrontality executive functions avolition personality change working memoryLeft temporal lobethought disorder bizarre language memory selective attentionRight temporal lobeflat affect aprosodia inability to recognize tones of voice poor discrimination of facial emotionBasal gangliaabnormal motor behaviorrocking pacing stereotyped movementsAntipsychotic Neuroleptic MedicationsTraditional Antipsychotics1950s60sEg Chlorpromazine Haloperidolfirst trial run for chlorpromazine was in London Ontario in the 1950sBlock postsynaptic dopamine receptorsReduce positive symptoms but not negativeAtypical antipsychotics1990sEg Clozapine Risperidone OlanzapineTarget serotonin as well as dopamineMore effective fewer side effectsBut still do not cure the disorderhigh relapse ratesLongterm maintenance doses neededSide effects of antipsychotic medicationsWeight gain anxiety insomnia dry mouth constipation low blood pressure sexual dysfunctionBlurred vision dizziness drowsinessParkinsonlike symptoms tremors rigidityDiabetes Tardive dyskinesiaDoes not disappear like other side effectsWorm like tongue involuntary movements effect of long term treatmentClozapine immune suppression risk of deathWeekly blood checks neededNotes Parkinsons disease lacks dopamine particularly in the basic ganglia
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