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Chapter 10

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Psychology 2320A/B
Alvin Segal

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Chapter 10 psychsubtle to sever interfere with daily needs and communicationcast shadow of failure and frustrationadversely affect occupational life childrenadolescents difficulties in languagelearningmedical genetic and behavioural symptomsprimary interestimpairments out of keeping with other aspectsdisturbance occurs early and not explained by social factorsHistory unexpected disabilities unmet needsone is scientific and clinical interest in understanding individuals who display specific deficitsintelligence or otherthe othermore appliedemphasis on needs to improve services to young people exhibiting deficitsThomassuccessfulbut unable to readOver years brain damage linked to behavioural symptoms such as speech problems learning difficulties and inattentionBrain dysfunction assumed etiology downplayed to help understand characteristics of learns and education remediation of learning deficits Definitional Concernseducation for all handicapped children act of 1975 influence on field of language and learning disordersdisabilitiesindividuals with disabilities education act IDEA definition of learning disability impact on educational system families and cliniciansIdentifying Specific Disabilities IQAchievement Discrepancydiscrepancy of two or more standard deviations between intelligence test scoresachievement test scoressmaller differences acceptable Below Average Achievement GradeAgeyouth performing below expected grade level in at least one academic arealarge discrepancymore serious for younger than older child rdo 2 years behind for a 3 grader more serious than 2 years for gr 6mental retardation score 70AccentResponse to InterventionRTI frameworkLevel 180 screening provided to all as general curriculumLevel 2 15 more intensive instruction small groups to targeted studentsLevel 3 5 instruction individualized to targeted students needs more intensive in terms of number and duration of sessionsSpecific to more general disabilityconcern RTIexposing children to intervention prior to diagnosis of disabilitychildren whose response to valid intervention is poorer than peersLD
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