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Chapter 13

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Western University
Psychology 2320A/B
Alvin Segal

Chapter 13 Psychpediatric psychology applied to field of research for physical functions disordersProblems of Eliminationboweldaytime bladder training completed between ages 1836 months EnuresisGreek word meaning I make waterRefers to repeated voiding of urine during daynightLack of urinary control not diagnosed as enuresis prior to age 5Frequency of lack of control required DSM requires frequency of twice weekly for at least three consecutive months Nighttime wetting more common than daytime o 85 of cases are nighttime wetting and primary typePrimarychild never demonstrated bladder controlSecondaryproblem preceded by period of urinary continence Epidemiologyprevalence declines steadily with ageage 18males 1 females 1problem is twice as common among boys compared to girls Etiologyemotional disturbancesleep abnormalitiesmaturation delaybiological pathwayreduced bladder capacity or higher production of urine due to lack of normal nocturnal increases in ADH antidiuretic hormonefamily histories failure can result from faulty training or environmental influences that interfere with learning stressful home environment Treatmentdesmopressin acetate DDAVP primary pharmacological treatmentbehavioural treatmenturinealarm systemimportance of overlearningall three groups of treatment equally effective more so BPRCTOL after 3 month follow up relapse lessEncopresispassage of feces into clothing not due to physical disorderevent occurs at least once a month for three monthschild is at least 4 years of age two subtypes based on presence or absence of constipationmajority are chronically constipated o constipation with overflow incontinence retentive encopresis Epidemiologypercentages decrease with agecondition rare by adolescenceproblem more frequent in males encopresis occurs during the day more often than night
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