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Chapter 8

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Psychology 2550A/B
Kelly Olson

CHAPTER 8 PSYCHODYNAMIC APPLICATIONS AND PROCESSES APPLICATIONS TO PERSONALITY ASSESSMENTGoal of psychotherapy is to help the person reveal unconscious motives The core beneath the maskA persons overt actions across seemingly similar situations often seem inconsistentthese inconsistencies are superficial though because there are underlying motives that drove the person consistently over yearsBasic motives are consistent but their overt behaviours are disguised across situationsRelying on the clinicianPsychodynamic interpretation of a persons behaviour depend more on the clinicians intuitions than on testsThe merit of such assessments depends on two things1The evidence supporting the techniques upon which the psychologist relies2The value of clinical judgement itselfProjective methodsMain characteristic is the openended way in which the testing situation is usually structuredThe purpose of the test is usually disguised and the person is given freedom to respond in any way that he or she likesPsychoanalytically oriented assessors favour projective techniques because they assume that the unconscious inner life is at least partially projected and revealed in responses to the ambiguous projective test situation Two projective techniques Rorschach and the Thematic Apperception Test TAT Still remain the most commonly used personality assessment procedures even though they have problemsBoth the reliability and the validity of the Rorschach have been heavily disputed No evidence that the findings reflected the persons unconscious mental statesThe RorschachConsists of a series of inkblots on 10 separate cardsThe individual is instructed to look at it and say everything that the inkblot could resemble or look likeExaminer inquires into the details of the persons interpretation of each blotThematic apperception test TATExamined the persons fantasies as revealed by stories told to a set of pictures Consists of a series of pictures and one blank card Asked to describe what is happening in each pictureRecurring themes are believed to underlie that persons underlying needsApplying psychodynamic clinical inferences to Gary W The psychological report done on Garynow most clinicians would choose to integrate theories from all levels of analysis to understand an individual MURRAY THE HARVARD PERSONOLOGISTS AND HIGHER MOTIVESHarvard personologistsprovided a new model called personology for the intensive psychodynamic study of individual lives and devoted itself to the portrayal of persons in depthMurray White and their other Harvard colleagues
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