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Chapter 10

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Kelly Olson

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CHAPTER 10 BEHAVIOURAL CONCEPTIONS Focus on the level of learning through conditioning Rather than probe the dreams and free associations of neurotic patients or theorize broadly about human nature behavioural researchers sought a system that would beobjectively testable preferably by lab techniquesStudied the learning mechanisms through which certain events stimuli become associated with particular behaviours or responsesTHE BEHAVIOURAL APPROACH TO PSYCHODYNAMICS DOLLARD AND MILLERPsychodynamic behaviour theorythe major effort to integrate some of the fundamental ideas of Freudian psychodynamic theory with the concepts language and methodsof experimental laboratory research on behaviour and learningDollard and MillerNeurotic conflict The core Neurotic conflict involves a clash between id impulses seeking expression and internalized inhibitions that censor and restrain the expression of those impulses inaccord with the cultures taboosFreudLanguage of learning theorystrong fear is a learned drive that motivates a conflict concerning goal responses for other strong drives sexaggressionDollard and MillerRECASTING CONFLICT IN LEARNING TERMSWhereas Freud developed his ideas about conflict from inferences regarding idegosuperego clashes in his neurotic patients Dollard and Miller tested their ideas incontrolled experiments with rats To ge
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