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Chapter 4

People & Work in Canada - Chapter 4

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Western University
Psychology 2660A/B
Natalie J Allen

Chapter 4recruitment selection and decisionmaking y The decision to recruit candidates for jobs in an organization is based on 1 an assessment of internal and external factors affecting organization 2 human resources planning based on those factors 3 a JA tht identifies worker behaviour and characteristics required for positionExternal factors y Labour markets and recruiting o Overall nature of economy influences organizations decision to hire or not hire o Once decision to hire made nature of labour market determines how extensively organization will have to search to fill joby Legal environment o Employment equitypolicies and practices designed to increase presence of qualified women visible minorities aboriginal people and people w disabilities in workforceo Good faith recruitment efforts mean that the organization must use a variety of communication channels to get its message to members of different groupsInternal factors y Human resources planning o A process that organizations undertake to ensure that the right number and type of individuals are available at the right time and place to fill their needso The planning process identifies the human resources needed to carry out business plan both those resources that exist within the organization and those that must be secured through recruiting programo Applicant poolthe set of potential candidates who may be interested in and who are likely to apply for a specific jobo One of the most important pieces of info candidates rely on throughout recruiting process is description of job and worker requirementsRecruitment y Selfselecting outoccurs during the recruitment and selection process when candidates form an opinion that they do not want to work in the organization for which they are being recruited y Person job fita process through which an organization reaches a decision that a job candidate has the knowledge skills abilities or competencies required by the job in questiony Person organization fita process through which an organization reaches a decision that a job candidate fits the organizations values and culture and has the contextual attributes desired by the organizationy Recruiters perception that the applicant fits the job based mainly on an assessment of candidates skill and experienced y Recruiters perception f person organization fit mostly based on an assessment of candidates personality and values
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