Psychology 2720A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Prefrontal Cortex, Executive Functions, Social Cognition

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Published on 16 Apr 2013
Western University
Psychology 2720A/B
Social Psychology and Your Career
Business and Organizations
Companies that develop and market products rely on social psychological insight
from the initial design stages of a product, though product testing, to the marketing
and advertising of the product
Many large companies in Canada and elsewhere operate their own research
departments, where they employ a staff of scientists
There are at least three important differences between ding research in a
corporate setting and doing it in an academic setting
First, an academic researcher publishes articles in scientific journals with the
goal of sharing that research with all who are interested
Second, the audience for academic researchers is primarily other academic
researchers within one’s own area of specialization
Finally, academic research is usually an individual process, whereas corporate
research environments tend to be organized around teams of researchers,
which requires the social psychologists to work hand in hand with researchers
from different fields
The researches staffs of agencies such as the Department ofNational Defense
or Correctional Services Canada conduct their own studies and often contribute
to the scientific literature, just as university-based academic researchers do
Research conducted in these organizations tends to be driven by the properties
of the government, rather than the priorities of the individual researchers
Funding agencies of the federal and provincial governments provide the money
for doing research
The regulatory agencies of the federal and provincial governments are
responsible for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations
A large number of consulting companies employ social psychologists to help
advise lawyers and their clients when it comes to jury selection and trial strategies
Social psychologists also provide guidance to police departments and law
enforcement agencies to help improve their handling of criminal investigations
Consulting companies conduct small experiments for their clients, often modeled
very closely on social psychology experiments
Social psychology has also been put to very productive use in advising police
departments in their use of criminal lineups
A career is a career in applied social psychology
Health and Medicine
Social psychologists and those with some knowledge of social psychology are
pursuing careers in health-care settings
Biopsychosocial Model: model that emphasizes that good health and illness are
determined by a combination of biological, social, and psychological factors
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