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Chapter 14

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Western University
Psychology 2720A/B
Clive Seligman

CHAPTER 14: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY IN YOUR LIFE Social Psychology and Your Career • Business and Organizations • Companies that develop and market products rely on social psychological insight from the initial design stages of a product, though product testing, to the marketing and advertising of the product • Many large companies in Canada and elsewhere operate their own research departments, where they employ a staff of scientists • There are at least three important differences between ding research in a corporate setting and doing it in an academic setting • First, an academic researcher publishes articles in scientific journals with the goal of sharing that research with all who are interested • Second, the audience for academic researchers is primarily other academic researchers within one’s own area of specialization • Finally, academic research is usually an individual process, whereas corporate research environments tend to be organized around teams of researchers, which requires the social psychologists to work hand in hand with researchers from different fields • Government • Research • The researches staffs of agencies such as the Department ofNational Defense or Correctional Services Canada conduct their own studies and often contribute to the scientific literature, just as university-based academic researchers do • Research conducted in these organizations tends to be driven by the properties of the government, rather than the priorities of the individual researchers • Funding • Funding agencies of the federal and provincial governments provide the money for doing research • Regulation • The regulatory agencies of the federal and provincial governments are responsible for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations • Law • A large number of consulting companies employ social psychologists to help advise lawyers and their clients when it comes to jury selection and trial strategies • Social psychologists also provide guidance to police departments and law enforcement agencies to help improve their handling of criminal investigations
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