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Psychology 2720A/B
Clive Seligman

Psychology 2720BChapter 1 Social Psychologythe scientific study of how individuals thoughts feelings and behaviours are influenced by other people 4 key aspectsKey Elements of Social PsychologyApplied to Romantic Dating Influenced by other peopleDating individuals are influenced y one anotherThoughts feelings and behavioursLook at each persons feelings emotions and behaviour towards the other Individuals perspectiveFocus on each persons perceptions of the other rather than on what the individuals really arewhat each person believes about the other Scientific StudyConduct experiments to learn about processes underlying interpersonal attraction and love Social construalshow individuals personally interpret or perceive a social situation Social Comparisonprocess of comparing ourselves to other people to make judgments about the self Other people affect how wey Feel about ourselvesy BehaveHindsight Biastendency to think the outcome was obvious Area of PsychologyPrimary focusRelated topicsPersonalitytraits that help to explain human Individual differences that affect behavioursocial behaviourDevelopmentalAge related changes in human abilities So
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