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Psychology 2800E
Patrick Brown

Stanovich Ch 8 Avoiding the Einstein Syndrome The Importance of Converging Evidence bc headlines regularly come from the most irresponsible quarters of the media most scientists recommend that they be approached w skepticismone particular misunderstanding that arises from breakthrough headlines is the implication that all problems in science are solved when a single crucial experiment completely decides the issue or that theoretical advance is the result of a single critical insight that overturns all previous knowledgeThe Connectivity Principal the monumental nature of Einsteins achievement has made it the dominant model of scientific progress in the publics mind This dominance is perpetuated bc it fits in nicely with the implicit script that the media use to report most news events conceptual change in science obeys a principal of connectivity that is absent or at least severely limited in the arts a new theory in science must make contact with previously established empirical facts to be considered an advance it must not only explain new facts but also account for old ones the theory may explain old facts in quite a way diff from a previous theory but it must explain them this requirement ensures the cumulative progress in science A Consumers Rule Beware of Violations of Connectivity the breakthrough model of scientific progresswhat we might call the Einstein syndromeleads us to astray by implying that new discoveries violate the principal of connectivity one strategy is to explain the previous data by making the theory unfalsifiable and hence uselessnd the 2 strategyto dismiss previous data by declaring them irrelevant this dismissal is usually accomplished by emphasizing what a radical departure the new theory represents the phrases new conception of reality and radical new departure are frequently used the old irrelevant data are gone and the new relevant data do not exist the scam is easily perpetuated bc the Einstein syndrome obscures the principal of connectivity the importance of which is ironically illustrated by Einsteins theories themselvesex Darwin used the connectivity principal and abandoned the idea when it failed to display the necessary continuity with the rest of science when he searched for heredity to go with his theory of natural selection pangenesislittle gemmules given off by all body parts circulate around the body and eventually collect in the sex organs from where they are ready to start the next generation
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