Psychology 2990A/B Chapter Notes -Job Satisfaction, Job Performance, Job Enrichment

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Psychology and the workplace
Achievement theory the theory of motitivation that emphasizes the need to accomplish
something, to do a good job and be the best.
- Characterisitic of successful executives.
- Studis intensely since the 50s by David McClelland.
- Study In Poland, the level of concern for achievement was almost as high as in the US.
- McClelland’s research 3 major things
1. They favour work enviro in which they are able to assume respinsiblity for solving
2. They tend to take calculated risks and to set moderate goals
3. They need continuing recognition and feedback about hire progress so that the
know how well they are doing.
- Research also shows tha tmaagers hih in need to achieve display more respect for their
- Men and women have been found to score significantly higher in thneed to achive than
male and female employees who are not entrepreneurs.
- Two goal types Mastery ( developing knowledge and skills) and performance(
developing competence by performing better than other ppl).
- Study: College students from Netherlands found that two thirds of preferred mastery
over performance.
- AKA, wanted to achive self-satisfaction over performing better than others.
- Study: on employees of an energy company showed that mastery employees were more
effective at their jobs than performance employees. Also, high on LMX and job
- Study :In Taiwan, divided this theory into 3 things perseverance, competition an dlevel
of difficulty.
Cotent theories of motivation
- Focus on the importance of work itself and the challenges, growth opportunities and
responsibilities work provides for employees.
Needs hierarchy theory
- Theory of motivation that encompasses physiological, safety, belonging, esteem and
self-actualization needs.
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