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Chapter 7

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Western University
Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 7- consumer psych Screening calls: tendency to screen calls is higher among 18-29 year olds, single persons, African Americans and people with young children at home Focus groups: method of surveying public opinion through the paid participation of 8 to 12 group members who meet to describe their reactions to a product, advertisement or specific issues Neuromarketing: being used to test the effectiveness of advertising and the appeal of new products and promotional programs not by listening to what people say or by watching what they do but by examining brain waves Three techniques for testing the effectiveness: physiological measures, sales tests and coupon returns Sales test technique: way of testing the effectiveness of an advertising campaign by introducing the new advertising in selected test markets Coupon returns: when the producer receives the coupons back it measures actual buying behaviour Consumer awareness: create consumer awareness of a new product an improved product or package or price change Institutional advertising: persuade the public t
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