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Chapter 8

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Western University
Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 8- Engineering psychology Engineering psychology: design of machines and equipment for human use and the determination of the appropriate human behaviours for the efficient operation of the machines, the field is also called human factors human enginggering and ergonomics Time-and-motion study: an early attempt to redesign work tools and to reshape the way workers performed routine, repetitive jobs, of want to reduce the number of motions required Person-machine system: a system in which human and mechanical components operate together to accomplish a task, human operator receives input on the status of the machine from the displays, on the basis of this information, the operator regulates the equipment by using the controls to initiate some action Guidelines for efficient work: minimize distance, hands not idle Allocating functions: each step of a movement is analyzed to determine its characteristics the speed, accuracy, and frequency with which it is performed and the stress under which it occurs Application of time and motion: all tools should be place in order of which they are used, should be easily picked up, and should be within reaching distance Human anthropometry: a branch of engineering psych concerned with the meas
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