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Western University
Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Psychology and the WorkplaceNovember2312835 PMMotivation is one of the major problems facing organizationsMotivation is importantWhy As a consumer you are often victim of dissatisfied workers 1You will spend 13 to 12 waking hours at work for 4045 years2IO psych applied to recruit select and train workers and to provide effective leadershipTHEORIES OF MOTIVATIONAchievement motivation theoryAchievement motivation need for achievementcharacteristic of successful executives desire to accomplish something to do a good job and to be the best High need for achievement derive great satisfaction from working to accomplish a GOALSuccessful business managers display high need to achieve despite cultureEconomic growth of organizations and societies can be related to the level of need for achievement among EMPLOYEES and CITIZENSMcClellands 3 major characteristics of people who have high need to achieveFavor work enviro in which they are able to assume responsibility for solving problems1Take calculated risks and set moderate attainable goals2Need continuing recognition and feedback about their progress so they know how they are doing32 types of goals that can satisfy need for achievementMasterydeveloping competence and self satisfaction through acquiring knowledge and skills1Performancegoals involving developing competence by performing betterthan other people like 2coworkers who are in the same situationCollege students in Netherlands 23 preferred mastery goalsiStrong mastery orientation more effective on job than strong performance orientationiiHigh mastery established higher quality leader member exchanges with their 1supervisorHigh performance established lower2StudiesHigh positive correlation between achievement motivation scores of executives and the financial success of their companiesHigh positive relationship between need for achievement and job performance Managers with high achievement motivation display more respect for subordinates more receptive to new ideas andmore accepting of participative management programsEntrepreneurs high in need for achievement than nonentrepreneurs men and womenDimensions of achievement motivation important in Taiwan high tech jobsPerseveranceCompetitionLevel of difficulty of controlling the taskNeeds Hierarchy TheoryAbraham MaslowHuman needs are arranged in hierarchy of importancePeople always want what they do not yet haveOnce needs are satisfied they no longer provide any motivation for behaviour and new needs must ride to prominenceOrder is important must have one before move to nextPYRAMID of needsStarting at basePhysiological needsbasic human needs including food air water and sleep and the drives for sex and activitySafety needsneed for physical shelter and for psych security and stabilityBelonging and love needssocial needs for love affection friendship and affiliation Important motivating forces on the job Psych 2990 Page 1
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