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Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 1 NotesThe Canadian Justice SystemCriminal and civil lawCivilPlaintiff and defendentCriminalSomeone gets arrested and the Crown attorneys office decides if theres a caseEyewitness TestimonyJurors overestimate the accuracy of the eyewitness especially under difficult viewing conditionsMistaken eyewitnesses are responsible for more wrongful convictions than all others combinedWhy are Eyewitnesses often wrongAcquisition Storage and Retrieval are three stages of memory processingAcquisition is the process whereby people notice and pay attention to information in the environment acquiring only a subset of the info availableWitnesses overestimated the length of the incidentBystanders tend to remember the suspects features better than the victimsTendency to focus on weaponsOur theories of the world and people in it influence what we notice and rememberOwnrace bias People are better at recognizing faces of their own race Storage is the process by which people store in memory information they have acquiredReconstructive memory Distortion of memories by new information after an event occursMisleading questions cause a problem with source monitoring the process where people try to identify the source of their memoriesEyewitnesses when mislead may report seeing things that werent thereRetrieval is the process whereby people recall informationLineups have a higher success rate than showing witnesses one personHow to prevent false identificationsEnsure everyone resembles the descri
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