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Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 3 NotesStress and Human HealthWhen people undergo major upheaval in their lives their chance of dying increasesHolocaust victims still experience psychological trauma 40 years laterPhysical and psychological health are closely tied to stress in our livesEffects of Negative Life EventsStress Bodies physiological response to threatening events degree to which people have to change and readjust their lives in response to an external eventSocial Readjustment Rating Scale Participants check off the events that have occurred to themassigned life change units to every stressful eventscores are correlated with frequency of sickness of physical complaintsmost studies use correlation designs not experimental correlation vs causationsome argue its not the life changes but the negative outlooks of peoplePerceived Stress and HealthSubjective stress not objective that causes the problems only if you interpret it as stressful Katy SimonsStress negative feelings and beliefs that occur whenever people feel unable to cope with demands from their environmentStudy How much stress people experienced determined how likely they were to catch a cold from the virusFeeling in Charge The Importance of Perceived ControlThe amount of control people believe they have over something is a determinant of stressPerceived control the belief that we can influence our environment in ways that determine whether we experience positive or neg
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