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Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Psychology in the WorkplaceThe study of motivation is important for two reasonsAs consumers dissatisfied workers producing faulty productsLikely to spend 13 of our lives at work 4045 yearsTwo types of motivation theoriesContent theories content of work itself challenges growth opportunities responsibilities needs that motivate and direct human behaviourProcess theories cognitive processes that we use in making decisions and choices about workContent Theories of MotivationFour content models Achievement motivation theory needs hierarchy theory motivatorhygiene twofactor theory and jobcharacteristics theoryAchievement Motivation TheoryAchievement motivation Theory of motivation that emphasizes the need to accomplish do a good job and be the bestDisplayed by successful business managers and executives regardless of cultureEconomic growth of organizations and societies is related to the level of the achievement need among employees and citizensThree major characteristics of people with a high need to achieveFavour a work environment where they assume responsibility for solving problemsTake calculated risks and to set moderate attainable goalsNeed continuing recognition and feedback about their progressManagers with high in need to achieve display more respect for subordinatesPositively related to promotions in upper and middle managementEntrepreneurs score higher in the need to achieveTwo types of goals that can satisfy the need for achievementMastery goals developing confidence and satisfaction by acquiring knowledge and developing skillsPerformance goals developing competence by outperforming people in the same situationMasteryoriented employees more effective on the job higherquality leadermember exchanges and job satisfaction Needs Hierarchy TheoryHuman needs are arranged in a hierarchy of performance MaslowWe always want what we cant haveNeeds lowest to highestPhysiological needs food air water sleep sex Safety needs shelter and psychological stabilityBelonging and love needs love affection friendship social needsEsteem needs Selfesteem admiration respectSelfactualization needs Selffulfillment and achieving our full potentialBelonging needs important motivating forces in the workplace interaction with coworkersEsteem needs done through buying a bigger housecar and onthejob rewardsSelfactualization requires that employees are provided with opportunities for growth and responsibilityLow scientific validity and applicabilityMotivatorHygiene TwoFactor TheoryDeals with both motivation and job satisfaction HerzbergValidity is low but has been used by companiesTwo sets of needsMotivator needs Produce job satisfactionAlso called higher needsMotivate employees to high job performance
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