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Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Consumer PsychologyThe Scope of Consumer Psychology54 of people deliberately avoid products that overwhelm them with ads60 say their opinions about ads are much more negative than they used to be61 say the amount of ads is out of control69 showed interest in adblocking products45 the amount of ads detracted from the quality of lifeStudy of consumer behaviour launched IO PsychologyJohn Watson 1921 Consumer behaviour can be conditioned and therefore predicted and controlledResearch MethodsMost consumer psych research relies on lab experiments and surveysSurveys and Public Opinion PollsPremise most people will express their thoughts feelings and opinions when asked about themDownside the complex and changeable nature of behaviourPeople drink twice the amount of beer and liquor than they reportUnderreport the amount of junk food eaten and overreport fresh fruit and diet drinksPeople tend to answer with whatever they think makes them appear to have the highest statusMailing surveys included a postcard with contact numbers increased the response rate establish validity43 of people who own Caller ID or answering machines screen calls tendency higher for 1829 singles blacks parents with young kids big city dwellersOnline surveys are faster and cheaper incentives such as draws to win trips2000 10 of market research surveys online 2003 23 Focus GroupsSmall samples of consumers who meet in groups of eight to 12 to describe their reactions to a productCan be structured on the basis of age income educational level or any variableOlder members respond better with shorter sessions simpler questions better lighting larger print and familiar surroundingsData collected is more qualitative opinions and thoughtsMembers may distort answers attempting to say what people want to hearVirtual focus groups conducted online have lower cost and greater efficiencyMembers of virtual groups tend to be less influenced by others opinions because everyone talks simultaneouslyMotivation ResearchUsed to probe deeper and uncover human motivationsUse of indepth interviews and projective techniquesErnest Dichter Used psychoanalysis to discover unconscious motivations and applied to consumer psychologyPackaged cake mix Initially rejected because women felt guilty about not doing any workSolution Omit the dried egg and let the consumer add fresh eggs Sales soaredProjective tests when people are presented with an ambiguous stimulus they will project their needs fears and valuesRoachkilling example Plastic trays thought to be more effective but sales still less than spraysWomen asked to draw roaches and write storiesAll roaches maleRationale women expressing builtup hostility by spraying roaches and watching them squirmProjective tests allow to reach deeper levels of motivation however low in reliability and validityObservations of Shopping BehaviourSurveys and motivation techniques only reveal what people say they believe or will doSome psychologists observe what people do when purchasing a productSales data can reflected different factors without adequate control cannot determine causationPlacing video cameras or human observers in the store
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