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Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Military PsychologyThe Nature of ConflictThe general context where the planning and development of strategies for conflict and peace occur is called the war roomThe Psychology of War vs Military PsychologyPsychology of war is concerned with all elements of combat tactics performance fatigue weapon use etcPsychological principles are applied to the combative environment where causalities are anticipatedDeals with very specific topics dealing with the death of a close comradeMilitary psychology is much more general and covers aspects of war and peaceThe application of psychological principles and methods and military needsField of application is military personnel and organizationsEffects of the combat environment on the solider and research regarding the effects of present environmental factors having family members on the baseHistorical context of psychology and warApplication of psychology to war has been present since ancient timesSun Tzu Open confrontation is destructive Good leaders lure through advantages and take control through confusionXenophon Greek mercenary who stressed the importance of moraleamong soldiersNapoleon Morale makes up threequarters of the gameAssessment Selection and TrainingThe First World WarMilitary had the problem of quickly and efficiently discovering recruits who were unfit for dutyPsychologists used task analysis to assess the recruits abilities and give them appropriate jobsCould not guarantee the reliability or validity of the testsBartlett Easy to devise tests to identify the unfit hard to be confident in decisions about the fit candidatePersons temperament is a factor that should be consideredNOTERobert Yerkes in WWI Developed a selection programmeArmy Examinations Alpha for literate recruitsArmy Examinations Beta for illiterate recruitsRoots of organizational and occupational psychologyThe Second World WarTechnological advances made allocation matching recruits to appropriate jobs took priorityWWI Major model of learning was through vicarious learning apprenticeshipMore successful with repeat opportunities to learn and not under stressMilitary training has two major goalsEquip the recruit with some mastery of the skills necessary to perform his military dutiesPrepare the recruit for the conditions of warFeedback improves performancesQuickkill training method silhouettes pop upThe Korean WarUnderstood that careful selection and training could dramatically improve the effectiveness of resourcesMarshall Only a proportion of men actually fire against the enemy 1530 If the right people are in the right positions the killing effectiveness could be increasedHuman Resource Research Office HRRO conducted reliable researchWho Makes a Good FighterHRRO focused on identifying two groups of soldiers to compare good fighters and poor fighters
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