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Becoming A Clinical Psychologist

by OneClass30024 , Winter 2012
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Winter 2012

Course Code
Psychology 3301F/G
Graham Reid

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Becoming a Clinical Psychologist: Last Lecture April 9th
80% of women in training programs, men are rare at the undergrad/graduate level
Page 2
“High” GPA/GRE - Western Clinical Psych Data
Look at math and stats marks; if consistently bad at math/stats rarely accepted
“Rare to bomb psych GRE”
“High” GPA/GRE - Canadian Clinical Psych Data
Queens only one to publicly show Psych GRE median (96th %ile)
Page 3
Undergrad Education and Experiences: 10 Goals
Interpersonal skills assessed in letter of recommendation and what it is like when
you come into the interview
More references AREN’T better; if they ask for two, GIVE two
Professor/Academic supervisor (peers over anybody else)
Really good clinical work
Get someone that knows you
Ask about 2 months in advance
What schools, website, form, email form, fill out personal information
Page 4
Applying to Graduate School
Send initial email asking if they are interested in accepting graduate students
Initial contact January, meetings
Gentle but persistent contact; entire email in half a screen
Page 5
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Academic positions held, publications, teaching experience
Real world experience at the end (can be on resume)
Autobiographical statement
After taking this in high school I went to school here because of the research in-
tense then volunteer experience, applications, real world experience
Where you got to right now and where you want to go (foods, wanted physical ther-
apy, wanted to go to med school)

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Becoming a Clinical Psychologist Last LectureApril 9th80 of women in training programs men are rare at the undergradgraduate level Page 2High GPAGREWestern Clinical Psych DataLook at math and stats marks if consistently bad at mathstats rarely acceptedRare to bomb psych GREHigh GPAGRECanadian Clinical Psych DatathQueens only one to publicly show Psych GRE median 96 ilePage 3Undergrad Education and Experiences 10 GoalsInterpersonal skills assessed in letter of recommendation and what it is like when you come into the interview More references ARENT better if they ask for two GIVE twoProfessorAcademic supervisor peers over anybody elseReally good clinical workGet someone that knows youAs
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