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Becoming A Clinical Psychologist

3 pages124 viewsWinter 2012

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Psychology 3301F/G
Graham Reid

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Becoming a Clinical Psychologist: Last Lecture April 9th
80% of women in training programs, men are rare at the undergrad/graduate level
Page 2
“High” GPA/GRE - Western Clinical Psych Data
Look at math and stats marks; if consistently bad at math/stats rarely accepted
“Rare to bomb psych GRE”
“High” GPA/GRE - Canadian Clinical Psych Data
Queens only one to publicly show Psych GRE median (96th %ile)
Page 3
Undergrad Education and Experiences: 10 Goals
Interpersonal skills assessed in letter of recommendation and what it is like when
you come into the interview
More references AREN’T better; if they ask for two, GIVE two
Professor/Academic supervisor (peers over anybody else)
Really good clinical work
Get someone that knows you
Ask about 2 months in advance
What schools, website, form, email form, fill out personal information
Page 4
Applying to Graduate School
Send initial email asking if they are interested in accepting graduate students
Initial contact January, meetings
Gentle but persistent contact; entire email in half a screen
Page 5
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Academic positions held, publications, teaching experience
Real world experience at the end (can be on resume)
Autobiographical statement
After taking this in high school I went to school here because of the research in-
tense then volunteer experience, applications, real world experience
Where you got to right now and where you want to go (foods, wanted physical ther-
apy, wanted to go to med school)
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