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ch 14 textbook notes

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Psychology 3301F/G
Paul Frewen

CH 14process research examines patterns using therapist andor client data that are evident within therapy sessionprocessoutcome research relation btwn variables related to the process of providing psychotherapy and outcome of therapycommon factors therapeutic elements tht occur in all or most treatments tht are believed to be criticalsometimes responsible for most of the impact of any form of psychotherapytreatment outcome research focus on outcomes outcomes under varying conditionshow the outcome is achieved deals with the processestreatment outcome research which intervention is more effaciouswhereas process and processoutcome research ask about how an intervention worksidentifying the best intervention or comparing one to another requires different data and approach1950s and 60s recordings of psychotherapy sessions and standardized measures of clients and therapists experience of the treatment processExamining Client Factorswhich variables to evaluate which client characteristics should be taken into acctamong myriad potential variablespersonality characteristics current life circumstances life experiences family of origin ethnicity and cultural factors beliefs abt psychological problems and expectations regarding treatmentExamining Therapist Factorsfactors that affect outcomestherapist trained in mental health discipline have better treatment outcomes than those trained in health discipline gen practitionerstherapist experience is positively related to treatment outcomeemotional wellbeinguse of selfdisclosure small effectLafferty Beutler Crago 1989patients of the more effective therapists reported feeling more understood in treatment than did the patients of the less effective therapist58 of the variance in client improvement can be attributed to therapist effectsLyons and Howard 1991various components responsible for patient change in RCTseffects on patient outcome due to specific therapists are typically greater than the effects due to specific treatments
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