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Chapter 11

ch.11 textbook notes for Clin Psych

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Psychology 3301F/G
Paul Frewen

Intro to Interventions and Therapeutic Mechanisms to ChangeCh 11CH11psychological interventions usedethical issues in selection of treatments informed consent requirement for ongoing assessment of treatment usefulnesspsychologist cannot proceed with services wo client agreement to receive servicescareful evaluation of clients ability to understand services and informed consentchildren or older clients with dementia etcpsychological has ethical responsibility to monitor effectiveness of services and usefulness to each clientpay attention to changing fit btwn treatment plans clients needs and responses to treatmentevidence based practice only requires the psychologist base treatment for a client is based on best available data rather than based on highly controlled internally valid and replicated studiesLilienfeld 2007psychological treatments that can cause harmScared straightprograms tht try to frighten adolescents at risk for ongoing criminal bhvr actually increase odds to subsequent criminal offendingRebirthing therapychildren wrapped in blankets and squeezed repeatedly to stimulate the trauma of birth has resulted in number of deathsshortterm psychodynamic psychotherapiestreatment approach tht brings awareness to unconscious processes esp as they are expressed in interpersonal relationships and helping client understand and alter these processes ego psychology anna freud focused on processes by which the very young child learns to construct a model of the worldtransference unconscious application of expectations and emotional experiences based on impt early relationships to subsequent interpersonal relationshipsSTTP is considered a process of understanding stages of psychological development bringing to awareness unconscious processes and reenacting in the relationship with the therapist issues that have troubled the client in the pastactive engaging in dialogue challenging the clientfirst task is to foster development of a therapeutic alliance and positive transferencetechniques used to alter maladaptive patternsReflection paraphrasing clients statements or commening on emotional states in roder to enhance their awareness of current epxeriencesClarification asking clients to attend more closely to some aspects of their experience in order to see connections or patternsInterpretation commenting on a problem or experience and relating it to the use of defence mechanisms or underlying core conflictualConfrontation challenging clients to recognize that defence mechanisms are interfering with their optimal functioning or tht core conflictual themes are responsible for aspects of their experience
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