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Chapter 10

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Western University
Psychology 3310F/G
Adelle Knutt

thAdult psychopathology Nov 28 Chapter 10Eating disordersAnorexia eating disorder characterized by the refusal to eat and the fear of gaining weight In the middle agesthey were called saints and revered for their asceticism Existed since ancient timeso Eating disorders have existed for Hundreds even thousands of yearso However they have been relatively rare and not always seen as evidence of maladjustmento By the late 1970s a new eating disorder was identified and named bulimia nervosa Intense fear of gaining weight o Morbid fear Restrict amount of food eateno Engage in ritualistic eating disorders Eating foods in a set order dissecting food into small pieces and weighing foods or fluids before consumption o Perceive themselves as fato Avoid certain foods and they become feared foods that they refuse to eat Believe that eating these feared foods will result in significant amounts of weight gainEven believe this weight gain will occur immediately after eating these foods Disturbance in body imageo Dissatisfied with whole body image or just parts Effects cognitive emotional and behavioural functioningo Social withdrawal irritability preoccupation with food depression o Preoccupied with food Parents are concernedcommon for conflicts with parents to arise o Individuals with anorexia may hide or secretly dispose of food eat alone or tell others they have eaten when they havent Excessive exercise General restlessness is commonpacing back and forth and standing rather than sittingo May be driven by a desire to burn calorieso Or a result of poor nutrition and starvation Others also engage in purging behaviours in order to achieve or maintain weight losso Purging behavours includeself induced vomiting laxative abuse or abuse of enemas or dieureticso Result in direct evacuation of the stomach bowels or bladder are distinct from compensatory behaviours that can be used to prevent weight gain such as fasting or excessive exercise
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