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Psychology 3310F/G

TrainingandDevprocess10142012For organizations TD is necessary for successcompetitivenesscontinuous learning education are key factors for success for individuals and ORGs New tech improving quality or simply remaining competitive Continuous learning and the transfer of knowledge are key factors in fostering creativity and fostering organization excellence TDis one of the distinguishing characteristics of the best companies to work for in CanadaTextbook about TD process design deliever and evaluate T programs This chapter performance management since TD is first and foremost all about managing P in organizations Performance Management Managing performance Process of establishing performance goals designing interventions and programs to improve performance Process signals to employees what is really important in the organization ensures accountability for behaviour and results and helps to improve performanceNot a single event like performance appraisal rather a comprehensive processthat is ongoing and continuousPM involves several components 1 Starting point is to set goalsManagers meet with employees to discuss P expectations and agree on P goals Stem from ORG or department goalsobjectivesensures alignment 2 Ongoing feedback to make sure they are accomplishing goals 3 Along with informal feedback key part is formal performance evaluation PEStandard rating form which ER or EE evaluate P on number of behaviouralperformance dimensions and review extent of accomplished goals Process then repeats itself by setting new goals GOALSfeedbackPE all 3 link to EE development each step shows info on needs of EEgoals determine if planTD is needed for goalsfeedback might suggest need to address more Tweaknessesareas for improvementPE IDs strengthweakness areas for improvement further implications on EE development program for the next year of development plansPEEach stages IDs needs which lead to action plans for developmentCritical component of PM process is EE development and creation of a development plan for EE Involves programs and activities that are designed to help EE achieve their goalsperformance where TD fits in PM processEE develop can include formal T in class room or onthejob T such as coachingmentoringSummaryevaluation of P is fundamental part of PM but a critical component is EE development and this requires effecting TD programs
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