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Chapter 2

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Psychology 3310F/G

10152012This chapter how organizations learn and how learning occurs at all levels of an ORG TD is an important part of the learning system in ORG so should understand how it fits into the larger picture of an ORG learning Organizational Learning Process of creating sharing diffusing and applying knowledge in organizationsNot sum of individual learning nor is PM limited to a T system that enables EE to learn and apply that learning Organizational learning focuses on the systems used to create and distribute new knowledge on an organizationwide basisDynamic process of creating and sharing knowledgeLearning always associated with TD Goal develop KSA Key for an ORG learning since it cant learn unless individuals learn ORG learn because IND learn IND learn cant guarantee ORG learning but cant occur without itT usually focuses on current needsdeficiencies and is most effective when future is predictablestable However todayuncertainunpredictable ORG know need to T for more than todays needsLearning organization EE learn a variety of methodsprocesses also learn how to continuously learn To survive and develop ORG must learn to manage by managing learningcapacity to learn change consciously continually and quickly Company knowledge contained in EE mindsCA learn fasterSCALearning Organization not a management fad a strategic shift in how they learncompetitivenesseffectivenessAn organization that creates acquires organizes shares and retains information and knowledge and uses new information and knowledge to change and modify its behaviour in order to achieve its objectives and improve its effectivenessDeveloped systems and structure to acquire code store and distribute important information and knowledge so its available to those who need it Embedded in concept ability to make sense and respond to environment ORG policiessystemsstructure support and accelerate learning for all This learning results in continuous improvements in work systems products services teamwork and management practicessuccessful ORG ORG learning is learning that actually results in improvements5 principles to becoming a learning org
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