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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Communication of Attitudes and Opinions

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Psychology 3721F/G
Etienne Lebel

Chapter 9Communication of Attitudes and OpinionsEarly Studies of Communication and Propaganda Propaganda efforts were not as successful as was once originally thought o They failed to achieve many of the attitude and motivational changes that were intended o Audiences are not as easy to persuade as was originally thoughtTo account for these findings 2 changes were made o Attention shifted from mass communication to personal face to face persuasion o Attention shifted from content of the commercials to other things such as source and audienceFactors in Persuasive CommunicationIndependent variableso Sourceo Messageo Audience o Medium o Target behavior variablesSource variables characteristics of the source of the messageits credibility expertness or likeablityMessage variables content and structure of the message how its organized emotional appeals Audience variables characteristics of people receiving the messageMedia variables the printed word radio television and facetoface interpersonal transmissionTarget behavior variablesgoals of the communicator which parallel the possible dependent variablesDependent Variables six distinguishable steps must occur each a separate stage of persuasive effects o exposure o attention o comprehension o acceptance o retention o action
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