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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - Racism and Prejudice

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Western University
Psychology 3721F/G
Etienne Lebel

Chapter 16Racism and PrejudiceBackground of Race Relations in the US 1960s segregation still persistedthe 1970s saw some change1980sthere was a sharp limit placed on government programs which wanted to create change1990sthe median income of black families was only 58that of white families o Increase in racial prejudice o Police harassment and brutality against minoritiesWhat is Racism Racism o Prejudce hostility discrimination segregation and other negative action toward an ethnic groupPrejudice o Intolerant unfair or irrational unfavorable attitudes towards another group of people o Assumption that ones own ethnic group is superiorInstitutional Racism o ormal and explicit laws and regulations that discriminate against certain ethnic groups o Informal but powerful social norms limiting the opportunities and choices available to certain ethnic groups o Eg dual school systemsChildrens racial attitudes Many of our attitudes and opinions toward groups of people are adoptedDoll Technique o Children are showed to dolls one representing a black child and the other a white child they are then asked to respond to a number of questions by choosing one of the two dolsWhich doll is most like youWhich doll is blackWhich is the good dollWhich is the doll you would like to play with indings oWhite children preferred white dollBlack children too preffered the white doll until 1960s this was unambiguously accepted y However light skinned black children may have misidentified themselves as whiteBlack pridemovement y Emphasis on positive cultural traiditions and values y To improve black childrens selfimagesBlack children in integrated schools were as problack in ther doll choices as white children were prowhiteRacial and Ethnic Stereotypes s study found that more then 75 of Princeton undergraduates consented that negroes were superstitious and lazyhigher levels of agreement when raters are asked what traits others attribute to blacks than when they are asked about their own perceptionsstereotypes are necessary to simplify the world the issue is when peoples behaviour reflects their negative stereotypesRacial Stereotypes in the Mass Media Three major stages of depictions of ethnic minorities in the media o Nonrecognition of their existence o A period of ridicule o A modiucum of inclusion1960sbeginning of blacks on television1970sblack pride theme o however some flaws of blacks were highlighted 1980s o increase in blacks on TV however Hispanics were being discriminatedBill Cosby29 of African Americans were at poverty level yet 62 of pictures of poor people were of African AmericansResearch has found that cumulative effects of many repeated media presentations of stereotypic information may be very powerful in establishing and maintaining racial attitudes o Medias enculturation functionThe Nature of Ethnic Prejudice stereotypes in many cases may remain stable or they may be malleable and reactive to the social contextprejudice is usually a generalized attitudeIntergroup Biases ingroup favoritismwhen one feels that their ingroup is being threatened that will lead to outgroup derogationWhite Racial Attitudes about Blacks even in given individuals there are conflicting beliefs about racismFour Aspects of Racial AttitudesSocial Distance amount that people desire to maintain from a given ethnic group5 dimensions o exclusion o respect o friendship acceptance o marital acceptance o superordinationas intimacy of relationships increases prejudice increasesmeasures have changed over the decade huge increases in social distance in the past 60 yearsPrinciples of Equal Treatment support for general principles of equal treatment nondiscrimination and integration of the races o school integration o residential integration o equal treatment in employment o white attitudes on these topics have shown large parallel increases in favorability over the past several decadesattitudes have evened out for different regions of the country except for the least educated in the southImplementation of Principles of Equality steps that government might take to combat segregationhas shown decreasing public support in 2 areas o concerned approval of government action to see to it that black people get fair treatment in jobs o see to it that white and black children go to the same schoolsno interest category shows a biashowever for all the categories o levels of approval are lower then 100 percent
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