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Psychology 1000
Terry Biggs

Psychology 1000 Chapter One Notes The Nature of Psychology Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and the factors that influence it. Behaviour refers to actions that we observe directly or to inner processes (mental events) such as thoughts, feelings, images and psychological reactions. When told a fact one must ask: o What exactly are you asking me to believe? o How do you know? Whats the evidence? o Are there any other possible explanations? Psychology in terms of basic research is the quest for knowledge purely for its own sake where as applied research is designed to solve specific practical problems. Robbers Cave to the Jigsaw Classroom Study done at summer camp for 11 year old boys in Oklahoma Boys were divided up into the Eagles and Rattlers, when competitions started there was a strong hostility The two groups were forced to cooperate in order to accomplish goals (ex. repair water system) Conclusion competition can breed hostility and that conflict between groups could be decreased by making groups more dependent upon each other, thus needing cooperation. Was then used in classrooms in Texas, thus learning to appreciate (and be appreciated) each persons knowledge to make the jigsaw possible. RESULTS general liking for one another increased, prejudice decreased, and selfesteem and performance increased. Goals of Psychology 1. To describe how people and other animals behave 2. To explain and understand the causes of these behaviours 3. To predict how people and animals will behave under certain conditions 4. To influence or control behaviour through knowledge and control of its causes to enhance human welfare Once we understand the causes of behaviour, we will then be able to predict and control behaviour. Usually we dont go the extra mile to predict or try and influence situations, we just look for understanding Perspectives 1. Biological 2. Cognitive 3. Psychodynamic 4. Behavioural 5. Humanistic 6. Sociocultural
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