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Psychology 1000

Psychology 1000Chapter One Psychology The Science of BehaviourPsychology refers to the scientific study of behaviour the responses that an individual had that can be observed and of the mind internal processes that cannot be observed through normal means and must be inferred from measurable responsesThere are many subtypes of Psychology the most common one that people associate psychology with is Clinical Psychology the study and treatment of mental disorders However there are many subtypes some being o Cognitive Psychology study of mental processes o Biopsychology study of biological effects on behaviour o Developmental Psychology study of development over an individuals lifetime o Experimental Psychology study of basic processes of humans eg learningo Industrialorganization IO Psychology study of workplace behaviour o Personality Psychologystudy of human personality o Social Psychology study of behaviour from a social perspectivePsychology has four main goals o Describe behaviour o Explain and understand causes of behaviour o Predict how organisms react under certain conditions o Influence or control behaviourPsychology has 3 main levels of analysis factors o All factors influence each otherinterplayBiological brain nerves hormones etcIndividualPsychological learning cognitive processes thoughts motives feelings etcEnvironmental culture social and personal environments we were exposed to value systemHistory of Psychology Psychology started with the debate of mindbody duality vs monism the belief of the mind was separate from the body vs notWundt developed first real psychology lab in Germany in 1879 He and his students believed that you could break down the mind like a physicist can break down the subatomic world called structuralism Structuralism was replaced by functionalism meaning that psychologist should study the functions of consciousness instead of the structure how behaviour helps us to adapt Functionalism is very biological Functionalism is no longer considered a school of thought however its work is still contained within two schools of current thought cognitive psychology evolutionary psychology psychobiology ethology and neurosciencePerspectives of Human Behaviour
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