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Chapter 5

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Psychology 1000
Emilie Rivers

Chapter 5 – Perception II Nov. 4  Depth Perception  Size Constancy  Perceptual Problem Solving Next Time: Sleep Scan: p. 215-227 Second video discussion How do we perceive depth? What happens after we determine object distance? How do we figure out what we’re looking at? Q— a researcher is recording from a visual cell. The cell shows maximum firing to a spot of light at a particular area on the screen. A slit of light decreases th firing rate. Where is the researcher recording from? ** From a retinal ganglion cell Perception II Principles of Grouping Gestalt Approach  Similarity, proximity, closure  Importance of expectation and context Depth Perception  Binocular cue: retinal disparity  Monocular cues o Relative size  When you look at an object, or target (all things being equal) we will assume o Over lap o Linear Perspective  Important, because straight lines will always go to a point in the back o Texture Gradient  The density increases (ex. The whole picture is full of sunflowers)  Size Constancy  Re-scale the size of objects so
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