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Chapter 5

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Psychology 1000
Emilie Rivers

Chapter 5 – Visual Processing Oct 28  The Retina  Single Cell Recording  Lateral Inhibition Next time: Perception; Scan 195-200  How do rods and cones work?  How does the visual system enhance images?  How can we explain phantom spots? Let’s say you can barely distinguish 100 grams (test) of swiss cheese, to notice a difference in weight, it would have to be 285 or 315. I = 5 300 = 100 Know: Ganglion, Bipolar, Cone, Road, Horizontal, Amacrine parts Roads & cones  Duplex Theory  120 million Rods  7 million Cones Rods  Operate at low intensity o Sensitive for brightness  None in center of your Fovea o Densely packed at the side of your retina  Monochrome o Only give us black & whit  Good at night vision o When you’re looking at a star directly, its focused at the fovea, so it’s better to look through peripheral Cones  Oper
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