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Chapter 1

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Psychology 1000

Psychology Chapter 1 Review General  Scientific study of behavior, internal procceses that cannot be studied by physical means o Must be inferred from measureable responses  Schools of psychology o Cognitive, mental processes o Biopsychology, biological effects on behavior o Developmenal, development over lifetime o Experimental, basic procceses of humans (learning) o Industrial-Organizational (I/O), workplace behavior o Personality o Social, behavior from social perspective  4 main goals of psychology o Describe behavior o Explain and understand causes of behavior o Predict how organisms react under certain conditions o Influence or control behavior  3 main levels of analysis o Biological (brain, nerves, horomones) o Individual and Psychological (learning, cognition, thoughts, motives etc.) o Environmental (culture, social and personal environments, value systems) History  Started with debate of mind-body duality vs. monism o The belief was either the mind and body operate separately and influence on another or that they are one entity and operate together o Structuralism -> Belief that the mind could be broken down to simpler parts and studied, much like a chemical compound  Replaced by Functionalism, study the functions of consciousness and not structures Perspectives  Psychodynamic -> find reasons behind our behavior within our personality o Problems lie within unconscious mind  Unresolved conflict, rage towards groups etc.  Psychoanalysis o Founded by Freud o Believed that children had sexual and intense emotions (mainly anger) as kids, and those feelings are repressed, which made people create defense mechanisms later in life to protect themselves, repression being one of them o His work broadened psychology which lead to study and treatment of mental disorders  Behaviorism o Environmental, focuses on behavior change based on environment
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