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Chapter 12

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Psychology 1000

Psychology Chapter 12: Development Cognitive  Nature vs Nurture o Basically a discussion of genetics versus learning  Do genetics determine how smart or talented we will be or can we learn to be talented and intelligent? o Debate has gone on for ages, the best answer is really that its both  Development really depends on both genetics and the way you are brought up o Nature determines range of possibilities and nurture directs the specific choice you take  Example  My genetics say I will be tall or short, but my upbringing determines whether I will be 5’10 or 6’2 if Im supposed to be tall  Prenatal Development o General sequence of development  Critical and sensitive period  Critical period is the age range in which experience must occur for development to preceed normally or along a certain path  Sensitive period is the optimal age range for certain experiences, but if these experiences occur at a later time, development normally will still be possible o Effect of teratogens  Environmental agents that result in abnormal development  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome o Group of severe abnormalities as a result of exposure to alcohol during prenatal development 
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