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Chapter 4

Oct 6th - Chapter 4 Genes, Evolution, and Behaviour.docx

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Psychology 1000
Laura Fazakas- De Hoog

Chapter 4 – Genes, Evolution, and Behaviour October 6 th Polygenic Transmission – A number of gene pairs combine their influences to create a single phonotypical trait Gene knockout - to Alter a specific gene in a way that prevents it from carrying out its normal function Hereditary – the passage of characteristics from parents to offspring by way of genes Heritability – how much of the variation in a characteristic within a population can be attributed to genetic differences Reaction Range – the range of possibilities for a genetic trait-the upper and lower limits- that the genetic code allows  The more genetically similar two individuals, the higher the correlation between their IQ scores. The correlation between even genetically identical individuals, however, is not perfect, indicating an important role for the environment  Genetic factors contribute a reaction range for intelligence. Where within that range intelligence does develop depends on environmental factors Parental Investment refers to the
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