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Chapter 6

Ch. 6 – States of Consciousness.docx

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Psychology 1000

Chapter 6States of ConsciousnessThe Puzzle of ConsciousnessState of consciousness is a pattern of subjective experience a way of experiencing internal and external events It is connected to selective attentionSelective attention focuses awareness on some stimuli while excluding othersConsciousness momenttomoment awareness of our environment and ourselves o Subjective and private People cannot directly know what reality is to you nor can you know what are other peoples reality o Dynamic Drifting into various states throughout each day stream of mental activity o Selfreflective Mind is aware of its consciousnessa Measuring States of ConsciousnessSelfreportEEG for physiological measuresPerformance for special tasks for behavioral measuresb Levels of Consciousness Psychodynamic and Cognitive PerspectivesPsychodynamic Sigmund Freud proposed 3 levels of consciousnesso Conscious mind contains thoughts perceptions and other mental events that we are aware o Preconscious mental events are outside current awareness but can be easily recalled under certain conditions Ex Tipofthetongue o Unconscious cannot be brought into conscious under any circumstances ie Instinctive sexual and aggressive drives traumatic memories and threating emotional conflict Freudian Slips are unconscious leakagesCognitive views conscious and unconscious mental life as complementary forms o Controlled processing voluntary use of attention and conscious effort o Automatic processing performed with little or no conscious effort Derives from performing routine tasks Provides speed and economic effort but it keeps people from finding new ways of solving a problem o Divided attention is an automatic process that is the ability to perform more than one activity at the same time This allows our mental capacity to not be overwhelmed
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