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Chapter 11

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Western University
Psychology 1000
Mark Cole

Peripheral Theories Washburn  balloon - Stomach activity correlated with hunger reports Wagenstein and Carlson  stomach less patients still felt normal hunger and weight control - You don’t need a stomach because it isn’t where you feel hunger Central Theories Frolich  hypothalamic tumors - Some overweight people had tumors and he thought they could be due to weight and hunger  Microelectrode o Lesion o Stimulate o Record Glucostatic Theory  Oomura believed that diabetics should feel full and people in the mornings should feel hungry - He believed this due to hyperglycemic in diabetics and hypoglycemic in the A.M - They DIDN’T, which shows that it is your behaviors that influence when you are hungry Set-Point Theories Homeostasis  glucose/fat and hunger - When glucose is low = hunger - When fat is low = hunger - This wasn’t true because people still eat when these levels aren’t low Herman and Mack  tested college women (50% dieters and 50% non-dieters) - They drank 0, 1, or 2 milkshakes and tast
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