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John Campbell

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Psychology lecture 2 September 11, 2013 Chapter 1 – psychology: The science of psychology What is psychology? It is a science - It involves the systematic gathering and evaluating of empirical evidence to answer questions and test beliefs about the natural world. - Is the scientific study of behavior and mind o Behavior: refers to the actions and responses that we can directly observe. o Mind: refers to internal states and processes, such as thoughts and feelings Psychology Goals 1. To describe how people and other animals behave 2. To explain and understand the causes of these behaviors 3. To predict how people and animals will behave under certain conditions 4. To influence or control behavior and the ways in which they act Wilhem Wundt (1832-1920) -Established the first experimental psychology lab. -Along with Edward Titchener, developed the structuralism approach -Structuralism: the mind should be studied by breaking it down to its basic components Structuralism gave way to Functionalism Functionalism: focuses on consciousness rather than its structure - Our hands…. Why do we have them? How do they help us? Psychodynamic Perspective: Sigmund Freud Searches for the causes of behavior within the inner workings of our personality; Emphasizing the role of unconscious processes. The behavioral Perspective - Focuses on the role of the external environment in governing our actions - John Locke- tabula rasa aka bl
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