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Chapter 12

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Psychology 1000

Chapter 12 Personality p 489 WHAT IS PERSONALITYPersonality arises from originalityWe are in some ways like all others some others and no others past or futureFrom obs that people behave somewhat consistently over time and across situations o Consistencypersonality traits ways we respond to worldModest stability childadult greater as enter adulthood but can still change meaningfullyPersonality distinctive and relatively enduring ways of thinking feeling acting that characterize persons responses to life situations o Components of identitydistinguish from others o Perceived internal causemore internal than externally influenced o Perceived organization and structurebhvrs fit together suggesting inner personality guiding and directingAll perspectives different views on personality partly because each researcher has diff personalityPersonality psychologists subjective truthUSEFULNESS as theories o Provides comprehensive framework within which known facts can be incorporated o Allows us to predict future with some accuracy o Stimulates discovery of new knowledge THE PSYCHODYNAMIC PERSPECTIVECauses of behvr in dynamic interplay of often conflicting inner forces unconscious eg FreudFreuds Psychoanalytic TheoryFreud o Vienna medical school interested in brain functioning o Awarded fellowship study Paris with Jean Charcottreating conversion hysteria physical symptoms such as paralysis and blindness appeared suddenly with no apparent physical causeFrom repressed painful memoriesfeelingsPhysical symptoms improved when talked about traumatic memoriesunacceptable feelings sexualaggressive ounconscious influences behaviourhypnosis free association dream analysis including self o 1990 The Interpretation of dreamsslow but following Victorian criticism o Based theory on careful clinical obs expandedpsychoanalysis nowtheory of personality approach to mind studying method for treating psychological disordersPsychic Energy and Mental Events th Hydraulics 19 century exchangerelease physical energyFreud personalityenergy system eg stream engineInstinctual drives make psychic energy which powers mind and constantly presses for release directindirecto Eg energy from sex drives released through sex fantasy farming painting etcMental events conscious presently aware of preconscious memories thoughts feelings images unaware of now but can recallbday phone number unconscious o Aware of first 2 so more prominent Freud says unconscious most important and biggest o Verbal slips dreams etc reveal unconscious wishes desires impulses feelings eg love for Marcia not AmyThe Structure of PersonalityFreud personality o id exists totally unconscious core of personality only structure present at birth source of all psychic energychaotic cauldron of excitations no direct contact with reality functions completely irrationallyOperates according to pleasure principleimmediate gratification cant take from environment o Ego functions mostly conscious according to reality principle tests reality decides when id can safely discharge impulses and satisfy needs eg ego says release sexual impulses through sex not random rapeexecutive of personality psychic stormcompromises id demands superego constraints reality demands oSuperego develops last age 45moral arm traditional societal valuesidealsInternalized through identification with parents reinforcedpunished so right vs wrong how should beExternal control not selfcontrolId i want ego not nowsuperego never thats evilMoralistic goalsrealistic eg sex in marriage still feel guilty if superego internalized sexdirty
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