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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 and 8 Psych

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Western University
Psychology 1000

Chapter 7 Learning Learning process by which experience produces a relatively enduring change in an organisms behaviourcapabilitiesLearning is a process of person adaptation to changing circumstances in our livesHabituation decrease in strength of response to repeated stimuluso so wont be overwhelmedexhausted by every stimulus o CNS and not sensory neurons Sensitization increase in strength of response to repeated stimulusClassical Conditioning PAVLOV Association of neural stimulus with one that consistently give a response Acquisitiontime which response is being learnedUCSUCR no learning is required by nature foodsalivate CSCR after learning trials pairing of CS and USC bellsalivateMore intense the UCS the quicker the learningBest of CS is before USC forward shortdelay pairingExtinction CS without USC repeatedly Spontaneous Recover CR is weaker after restperiod without relearningStimulus Generalization similar CSCRDiscrimination CR only occurs to one CS but not othersHighorder Conditioning CS as UCS in another conditioning Exposure Therapy expose phobic patient to fear stimulus without UCSAversion Therapy behaviour maintained bc of reinforcementOperant Conditioning SkinnerThorndikes law of effect response followed by satisfying consequence will become more likely to occuropposite if unsatisfyingOperant Conditioning behaviour influenced by consequencesOperant extinction weaken or disappearance if response is no longer reinforcedChapter 8 MemoryMemory process that allows us to recordlater retrieve experienceinfoEncoding getting info into system by translating into neural codesStorage retain info over timeRetrieval pull out info out of storage when we want to use it Three Component ModelSensory Memory hols incoming sensory info just long enough to recognize ito Sensory Register subsystem of initial info processorIconic Store visual sensory register last log than echoicEchoic Store auditory sensory registero Spurling Experiment iconic memory is brief hard to retain in visual form ShortTerm Memory
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