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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Key Terms

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Psychology 1000
Derek Quinlan

Chapter 4 Key Terms Adaptations: allow organisms to meet recurring environmental changes to their survival, thereby increasing their reproductive ability Adoption Study: a research method in behavior genetics in which adopted people are compared on some characteristic with both their biological and adoptive parents in an attempt to determine how strong a genetic component the characteristic might have Alleles: the two genes, one on each chromosome, that control the same trait Altruism: occurs when one individual helps another, but in so doing accrues some cost Biologically Based Mechanisms: mechanisms that receive input from the environment, process the information, and respond to it Chromosome: tightly coiled strand of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and protein that contains the genes Concordance: the likelihood that two people share a particular characteristic Cooperation: situation in which one individual helps another and in so doing gains some advantage Domain-Specific Adaptations: adaptations designed to solve a particular problem Dominant Gene: a gene, which when present, will produce a particular characteristic Evolution: a change over time in the frequency with which particular genes —and the characteristics they produce—occur within an interbreeding population Evolutionary Personality Theory: a recently developed attempt to account for personality traits in terms of the evolutionary history of the human species; these traits are thought to develop from processes of natural selection Gene Knockout: a procedure that alters a specific gene in a way that prevents it from carrying out its normal function Genes: the biological units of heredity, located on the chromosomes Genetic Determinism: the view (sometimes erroneous) that genes have invariant and unavoidable effects Genotype: the specific genetic makeup of an individual, which may or may not be expressed in the observable phenotype Heritability Coefficient: the extent to which the degree of variation in a particular characteristic among a group of people can be attributed to genetic factors Kin Selection: the
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