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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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Psychology 1000

Psychology Chapter 14 The Helping Relationship The basic goal of all treatment approaches is to help people change maladaptive self defeating thoughts feelings and behavior patterns so that they can live happier and more productive lives Counseling and Clinical PsychologistPsychiatrist medical doctors who specialize in psychotherapy and in biomedical treatments such as drug therapy Psychodynamic therapies The psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy focuses on internal conflict and unconscious factor that underline maladaptive behaviorPsychoanalysis The goal of psychoanalysis is to help clients achieve insight the conscious awareness of the psychodynamics that underline their problems Free AssociationFree Association Freud asked his clients to reline on a couch and to report verbally without censorship any thoughts feelings or images that entered awarenessFreud sat out of sight behind the client so that the clients thought processes would be determined primarily by internal factors Dream Interpretation
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