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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Studying Behaviour Scientifically

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Psychology 1000
Marla Wolf

S\`W^Ŷ`aV ZYWSb [a^U WZ` X US U WZ` X U ^ ZU \W_[X _U[[Y XXa_ [Z[XW_\[Z_ T `\_U[[Y US_`S`WcW^WWSU\W^_[ZXWW_VWU^WS_WV \W^_[Z^W_\[Z_ T `X[^ Z`W^bWZ ZY # Ua^ [_ `$_%W\` U _&SZV[\WZ#& ZVWVZW__S^WV^ b ZYX[^UW_TW ZV _U WZ` X U Z]a ^ ()( ) `W\ŵVWZ` XSaW_` [Z[XZ`W^W_` # _U WZ` _`_a_aS[T_W^bW_[&W` ZY`S`\ ]aW_`W ^ Z`W^W_`SZV`WS_%S ]aW_` [ZST[a` ` `W\Ŷ(S`W^ZX[^&S` [ZSZV [^&)\[`W_ _ # _U WZ` _`_VW`W^& ZWcW`W^SZ_`aV W_$`W[^ W_SZV[`W^ ZX[^&S` [Z `S`&SW\`W&SZ_cW^`W ^]aW_` [ZS^WSVW. _` # `W`WZX[^&S\[`W_ _/S_\WU X U\^WV U` [ZST[a`_[&W\WZ[&WZS `S`[X`WZ`S%W_`WX[^&[XSZ0 X#`WZ1_`S`W&WZ` `W\ŷW_`)\[`W_ _T[ZVaU` ZYW_WS^U # _W`a\W.\W^ &WZ`È_ `aS` [Z`[`W_`\[`W_ _ `W\ŸZS5WS`S$^ScWZ`S` bW[ZUa_ [Z_SZVW\[^` ZV ZY_ # ^W_WS^UW^_SZS5W`W ZX[^&S` [Z`WU[WU`$V^Sc`WZ`S` bWU[ZUa_ [Z_ SZV^W\[^``W ^X ZV ZY_`[`W_U WZ` X UU[&&aZ ` # \aT _ ZY^W_WS^U _W__WZ` S`[_U WZ` X U\^[Y^W__ 4 S[c_XW[c_U WZ` _`_`[WS^ZST[a`ZWc VWS_SZVX ZV ZY_$ WbSaS`W`W^W_WS^U$SZVUSWZYW[^W.\SZV[Z ` `W\Źa VS[V[X7Z[cWVYW # Ta VST[V[X%Z[cWVYWST[a``W`[\ U # S_%Xa^`W^]aW_` [Z_$X[^&aS`WZWc\[`W_W_SZV`W_``[_W\[`W_W_ TU[ZVaU` ZY&[^W^W_WS^U # &SS``W&\``[Ta V`W[^ W_S_Wb VWZUWU[WU`_ 8 )() ) ZV_ Y`SX`W^#`W#XSU`aZVW^_`SZV ZY # \^[TW&c ` ZV_ Y`aZVW^_`SZV ZY _`S`^WS`WV\S_`WbWZ`_USZTW W.\S ZWV Z&SZU^WS` bW$^WS_[ZSTWSZV_[&W` &W_U[Z`^SV U`[^$cS_ # `W^W _Z[cS`[VW`W^& ZWc U[X`WS`W^ZS` bW_ _U[^^WU` # USZ\^[b VWbSaSTW Z_ Y`_SZV _[X`WZ`WX[aZVS` [Z[Zc UZWc _U WZ` X U Z]a ^ _TS_WV ZVW^_`SZV ZY^[aY ^WV U` [Z$[Z`^[SZVW[^a V ZY_U WZ` _`_\^WXW^`[ `W_``W ^aZVW^_`SZV ZY[X0cS`USa_W_cS`1&[^WV ^WU` # XcWaZVW^_`SZVUSa_W_[XSUW^`S ZTWSb [a^$cW_[aVTWSTW`[\^WV U` `WU[ZV ` [Z_aZVW^c U`WTWSb [a^c [UUa^ Z`WXa`a^W # X`[_WU[ZV ` [Z_USZTWU[Z`^[WV$cW_[aVTWSTW`[\^[VaUW` _ TWSb [a^ # Y[[V`W[^S__WbW^SUS^SU`W^ _` U_ 4 ZUaVW_W. _` ZYXSU`_SZV[T_W^bS` [Z_ ZS_ ZYW$T^[SVX^S&Wc[^% 9[^YSZ 5W_ ZX[ Z&WSZ ZYXacS: 4 ` _`W_`STW/YWZW^S`W_ZWc\[`W_W_SZV\^WV U` [Z_c[_W SUUa^SUUSZTWWbSaS`WVTYS`W^ ZYZWcWb VWZUW 4 \^WV U` [Z_&SVWT`W[^S^W_a\\[^`WVTX ZV ZY_[XZWc^W_WS^U 4 U[ZX[^&_`[Sc[X\S^_ &[Z/ X`c[`W[^ W_USZW.\S ZSZV\^WV U` `W_S&W\WZ[&WZSW]aScW$`W_ &\W^`W[^ _`W\^WXW^^WV [ZW ( ( S^ STWSZUS^SU`W^ _` U[^XSU`[^`S`USZbS^ # 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S^U bS&WS_a^W_^WU[^V_[^V[Ua&WZ`_`S`S^WSVW. _` _U[[Y USW_`_VWbW[\SZVa_W_\WU S 5WV`W_`_`[&WS_a^WSZ`\W_[X bS^ STW_ # _\WU S 5WV_WX#^W\[^`_ _ [[Y US WS_a^W_^WU[^V\_ [[Y US^W_\[Z_W_`[S__W__cS`\W[\WS^W W.\W^ WZU ZY W`[V_[XW_WS^U # ^W_WS^U&W`[VVW\WZV_[Z\^[TW&TW ZY_`aV WV$ ZbW_` YS`[^=_[T>WU` bW_ SZVW` US\^ ZU \W_ )( W_U^ \` bWW_WS^U_WW%_`[ VWZ` X[ca&SZ_SZV[`W^SZ &S_TWSbW$ \S^` UaS^ ZZS`a^S_W`` ZY_ # \^[b VW_ ZX[^&S` [ZST[a`V bW^_ `[XTWSb [a^SZV&S WVUaW_ST[a` \[`WZ` SUSa_W#WXXWU`^WS` [Z_`S`S^W`W_`WVS`W^ S_W`aV W_ Z#VW\`SZS_W_[XSZ ZV b VaS$Y^[a\$[^WbWZ` # ^W_WS^UW^_`\ US[\W`[V _U[bW^\^ ZU \W_[XTWSb [a^`S`S^W`^aW X[^\W[\W Z_ `aS` [Z_ ZYWZW^S # VS`S&STWYS`W^WV`^[aY[T_W^bS` [Z$ Z`W^b Wc_$\_U[[Y US`W_`_$ \_ [[Y US^WU[^V ZY_SZV`S_%\W^X[^&SZUW$[^S^U bS^WU[^V_ # _WbW^SSVbSZ`SYW_ 4 S[c_X[^U[_W_`aV[X^S^W\WZ[&WZS 4 USZUSWZYWbS V `[X`W[^[^c VWWV_U WZ` X UTW WX 4 USZTWb T^SZ`_[a^UW[XZWc VWS_SZV\[`W_W_`S`&STW W.S& ZWVTa_ ZY&[^WU[Z`^[WV^W_WS^U&W`[V_ # _WbW^S & `S` [Z_ 4 \[[^&W`[V[XVW`W^& Z ZYUSa_W#WXXWU`^WS` [Z_ \_ 4 &SZ[`YWZW^S 5W`[[`W^\W[\W[X_ `aS` [Z_ 4 [T_W^bW^_&SZ[`TW[T>WU` bW ZYS`W^ ZYSZV Z`W^\^W` ZYVS`S S`a^S _` UT_W^bS` [Z^W_WS^UW^_[T_W^bWTWSb [a^S_ `[UUa^_ ZS ZS`a^S_W`` ZYSZVS``W&\``[Sb[ V ZXaWZU ZY`S`TWSb [a^ 4 V[W_Z[`\W^& `UWS^USa_S[T_W^bS` [Z_ a^bWW_WS^U ZX[^&S` [ZST[a`S`[\ U _U[WU`WVTSV& Z _`W^ ZY ]aW_` [ZZS ^W_[^ Z`W^b Wc_`[&SZ\W[\W # 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