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Chapter 4

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Psychology 1000

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Psychology Chapter 4Genes Evolution and behaviorChromosomesGenesGenotype unique genetic makeup never changePhenotype Observable characteristics physical looks can be altered by other genesCulture making imbalance of men and womenFixing bad genesRecombinant DNA proceduresEnzymes cut dnaCombine with DNA from another organism ex Spider gene mixed with goat so that goat milk contains extreme amount of fibreInsert into host cell to change itHeritability coefficientHow much of characteristic is due to genetic factors H2Concordance rateRate of cooccurance of a characteristic among individuals high rate highly related to one anotherAdopted ChildrenFrequently more similar to biological parentsIdentical twinsmore similar even when reared apart twin A family 1 twin B family 2 similarIntelligence Identical twins correlation 86 they share similar IQParent child correlation36Gene does not entirely responsible for intelligence Reaction RangeRange of possibilitiesUpper and lower limits that is allowedIndividual inherits a range for potential expression of a traitEnvironmental effects determine where person falls within these limitsTwin will have similar experiences than people who are not twinEx If both twins are handsome they will be treated at the same way therefore they will experience similar environment
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