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Psych 1000. Ch 7

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Psychology 1000

S\`W^ WS^Z ZYSZVVS\`S` [ZW[W[X\W^ WZUW WUWTW^ Z`^[ O WS^Z ZYSXXWU`W[` [ZS^WSU` [Z_\W^UW\` [Z_SZV\!_ [[Y US^W_\[Z_W_ O \W^ WZUW_WS^Z`[` Z SU`SZVXWW ZcS!_`S`U[Z`^ Ta`W`[[a^ VWZ` `! O WS^Z ZY$\^[UW__T!c UW\W^ WZUW\^[VaUW_S^WS` bW!WZVa^ ZYUSZYW ZZ[^YSZ _&_ TWSb [a^[^US\ST ` W_' O S\ST ` W_()Z[c ZY[c*[^WS^Z ZY bW^_a_(V[ ZY*[^\W^X[^SZUW VS\` ZY`[`WZb ^[ZWZ` O WS^Z ZYS_S\^[UW__[X\W^_[ZSSVS\`S` [Z`[`WWbW^+USZY ZYU ^Ua_`SZUW_[X[a^ bW_ [cV[cWWS^ZW_WS^UX[^WUSZ __ O c[\W^_\WU` bW_[ZTWSb [a^TWSb [^ _SZVW`[[Y! O WSb [^ _`_[c[^YSZ __WS^ZW\W^ WZUW ZXaWZUW_TWSb [a^ O WSb [^ _`_S__aW`W^WS^WSc_[XWS^Z ZY`S`S\\!`[b `S!S[^YSZ __ O W_\[ZV Z\^WV U`STWcS!_`[\S``W^Z_[X^WcS^V[^\aZ _WZ` O STaS^S_S,TSZ)`STW`-WS^Z ZYW\W^ WZUW_cW^W Z_U^ TWVV ^WU`[T_W^bS` [Z_ [cV[cWWS^ZW_WS^UX[^ aZU` [Z_ O WSb [^ _$W^ USZ W`[[Y!$a^[\W O `[[Y!SZ STWSb [a^c ` ZZS`a^SWZb ^[ZWZ` O `[[Y!Z[TSZ)`STW`_\WU W_T [[Y US!\^W\S^WV`[SU` ZUW^`S ZcS!_ O aZU` [Z_[XTWSb [a^SVS\` bW_ YZ X USZUW[cV[WSTWSb [a^ ZXaWZUWSZ[^YSZ __& USZUW_X[^_a^b bSSZV^W\^[VaU` [Z Z `_ZS`a^SWZb ^[ZWZ` O WVSU` [Z\S``W^ZSZaZWS^ZWV^W_\[Z_WSa`[S` US!`^ YYW^WVT!S\S^` UaS^_` aa_ O WVSU` [Z\S``W^Z_USZTW[V X WVT!W\W^ WZUW O S`S\\WS^_`[TW( Z_` ZU` bW*TWSb [a^SU`aS! Zb[bWVWS^Z ZY ^[__^[SV_[XWS^Z ZY [[Y[YZ ` [ZSZVa`a^W O Zb ^[ZWZ`_S\W_TWSb [a^`^[aY\W^_[ZSSVS\`S` [ZSZV_\WU W_SVS\`S` [Z O W^_[ZSSVS\`S` [ZSc_[XWS^Z ZY`S``WTWSb [^ _`_WS ZWV^W_a`_X^[[a^ Z`W^SU` [Z_c ` WV S`WSZV\S_`WZb ^[ZWZ`_ O ^[UW__[XWb[a` [ZWZb ^[ZWZ`SU[ZV ` [Z__S\WT [[Y! O WS^Z ZYV[W_Z&`[V X!SZ[^YSZ __YWZW_ O WS^ZWVTWSb [a^_Z[`\S__WVV[cZYWZW` US! O S`a^S_WWU` [ZYWZW` US!TS_WVXWS`a^W_`S`WZSZUW_\WU W&_ST `!`[SVS\`\S__[Z O uaSZ_USZSVS\`T^S Z_`^aU`a^WSZVXaZU` [ZS[c_WS^Z ZYS^WaZVW^YWZW` UU[Z`^[ O uaSZT^S ZSU]a ^WVUS\SU `!`[\W^X[^\_!U[[Y USXaZU` [ZSVS\` bWbSaWSZVWZSTW a_`[WS^Z O bW^![^YSZ _a_`WS^Z 4 UWbWZ`_S^W[^S^WZ[` \[^`SZ``[ `__a^b bSSZVcWTW ZY 4 U_` a _ YZS`S`SZ \[^`SZ`WbWZ` _ST[a``[[UUa^ 4 W`W^ `_^W_\[Z_W_c \^[VaUW\[_ ` bW[^ZWYS` bWU[Z_W]aWZUW_ S\`W^ WS^Z ZYSZVVS\`S` [ZW[W[X\W^ WZUW WUWTW^ O SU_\WU W_Wb[a` [ZS^! _`[^!SZVWU[[Y USZ UW\SUWU[Z_`^S Z`_[Z`WWS^Z ZY`S` USZ[UUa^ O W_a^YWZUW[XU[YZ ` bW\W^_\WU` bWSZVWW^YWZUW[XU^[__+Ua`a^S\_!U[[Y!W\SZV aZVW^_`SZV ZY[XWS^Z ZY O [YZ ` bW\_!U[[Y _`_USWZYWTWSb [^ _`S__a\` [Z`S`WS^Z ZYV[W_Z&` Zb[bWWZ`S \^[UW__ ST `aS` [Z O uST `aS` [ZVWU^WS_W Z`W_`^WZY`[X^W_\[Z_W`[S^W\WS`WV_` aa_ O \W_`X[^[XWS^Z ZYW\_U[Z_W^bWWZW^Y!SZVUSZS``WZV`[[`W^_` a O WZ_[^!SVS\`S` [ZVWU^WS_WV_WZ_[^!^W_\[Z_W`[SU[Z` Za[a_!\^W_WZ`_` aa_ O uST `aS` [Z_ \WX[^[UUa^_c ` ZUWZ`^SZW^b[a__!_`W S__ USU[ZV ` [Z ZYS__[U S` ZY[ZW_` aa_c `SZ[`W^ O S__ USU[ZV ` [Z ZY[^YSZ _WS^Z_`[S__[U S`W`c[_` a O ZW_` aa_U[W_`[\^[VaUWS^W_\[Z_W`S`[^ Y ZS!cS_\^[VaUWV[Z!T!`W[`W^ _` aa_ O S__ USU[ZV ` [ZX[^[XWS^Z ZY O Zb[bW_WS^Z ZYSZS__[U S` [ZTW`cWWZ_` a Sb[b"_ [ZWW^ ZY^W_WS^U O &_bSZ Sb[ba__ S`W[[Y!S^c Z&_`W[^![XWb[a` [Z O Sb[b&_[T_W^bS` [Z_V[Y_SbWSZS`a^S^WXW`[_S bS`W`[X[[V Ta`Z[``[ZW_ O [ZW[^[`W^_` aa_,X[[`_`W\_-_S bS`WV O S__ US[^ Sb[b SZU[ZV ` [Z ZY O (S` _\S^S[aZ` _`WaZVW^! ZY\^ ZU \WTW ZYVW[Z_`^S`WV Z[``W_\WU X UX ZV ZY_* O S__ USU[ZV ` [Z ZYSW^`_[^YSZ __`[_` a `S`_ YZS \WZV ZYS^^ bS[XSZ \[^`SZ` WbWZ` S_ U ^ ZU \W_ U]a _ ` [Z O W^ [VVa^ ZYc US^W_\[Z_W _TW ZYWS^ZWV O Wa^S_` aa_V[W_Z&`W U ``^ YYW^`WSU` [Z O ZU[ZV ` [ZWV_` aa_Z[WS^Z ZY^W]a ^WV`[_` aS`W,X[[V- O ZU[ZV ` [ZWV^W_\[Z_WZ[WS^Z ZY^W]a ^WVX[^`WSU` [Z,V[Y_S bS` ZY- O WS^Z ZY`^ S\S ^_[X`W_` ZY O [ZV ` [ZWV` aa_SX`W^S__[U S` [Z WS^ZWV^W_\[Z_W,`[ZW- O [ZV ` [ZWVW_\[Z_WS`W^S__[U S` [Z WS^ZWV,_S bS` ZY- O +ZS`a^S aZWS^ZWV,aZU[ZV ` [ZWV-^WXW O S bS`W_`[S`[ZWWS^ZWV,U[ZV ` [ZWV-^W_\[Z_W O WZU[ZV ` [ZWV_` aa_SZVaZU[ZV ` [ZWV_` aa_ _\S ^WVa` \W` W_`^SaS` U WbWZ`_`a^Z Z`[[ZV ` [ZWV^W_\[Z_W S\`W^ WS^Z ZYSZVVS\`S` [ZW[W[X\W^ WZUW WUWTW^ O [^cS^V_[^`+VWS!\S ^ ZYU[ZV ` [ZWV_` aa_S\\WS^_X ^_`SZV __` \^W_WZ`cWZ`W aZU[ZV ` [ZWV_` aa_S\\WS^_ O [^cS^V`^SUW\S ^ ZYU[ZV ` [ZWV_` aa_c[aVU[W[ZSZV[XXSZVSX`W^cS^V`W aZU[ZV ` [ZWV_` aa_S\\WS^SVS\` bW O S__ USU[ZV ` [Z ZY __`^[ZYW_`cWZ`W^WS^W^W\WS`WV+\S ^ ZY_ O _[^W Z`W^ZW` `W_W]aWZUW Zb[bW_X[^cS^V\S ^ ZY $` ZU` [ZSZV\[Z`SZW[a_WU[bW^ O a_`TWScS![XW ZS`WV`WcWZ `&_Z[[ZYW^ZWWVWV O X _\^W_WZ`WV^W\WS`WV!c `ST_WZUW[XcWS)WZ_SZVV _S\\WS^_ O ^[UW__$W` ZU` [ZWSU\^W_WZ`S` [Z[Xc `[a`$W` ZU` [Z`^ S O AW! ZY^WV WZ``[W` ZU` [Z _Z[``WW^W\S__SYW[X` WTa`^W\WS`WV\^W_WZ`S` [Z[X`W c `[a``W' O bWZcWZSW` ZYa _W_V[W_Z&`WSZS`^SUW_[X `S^WW^S_WV O \[Z`SZW[a_^WU[bW^!^WS\\WS^SZUW[XS\^Wb [a_!W` ZYa _WVSX`W^S^W_`\W^ [V c `[a`ZWcWS^Z ZY`^ S_ O Wc _cWS)W^`SZ Z ` SW` ZYa _W_[^W^S\ V! XWZW^S 'S` [ZSZV _U^ ZS` [Z O ZUWS _SU]a ^WV[^YSZ _^W_\[ZV_Z[`[Z!`[[^ Y ZSTa`S_[`[_` a `S`S^W _ S^`[ `' O X^WS`W^`W_` aa__ S^ `!`WY^WS`W^`WUSZYW`S`Sc [UUa^' O ` aa_YWZW^S 0S` [Z` a _ S^`[`W Z ` SWWU`S O ` a &_YWZW^S 0S` [Z_W^bW_U^ ` USSVS\` bWXaZU` [Z_ YW^)^VW^[ZV ` [Z ZY O u YW^+[^VW^U[ZV ` [Z ZYSZWa`^S_` aa_TWU[W_SSX`W^TW ZY\S ^WVc `SZS^WSV! W_`ST _WV' O !\ US!S YW^+[^VW^\^[VaUW_S`S` _cWS)W^SZVW` ZYa _W_[^W^S\ V!`SZ `W[^ Y ZS O \SZV_`W ZXaWZUW[XU[ZV ` [ZWV_` a SZVUSZSXXWU`cS`WU[W`[bSaW )WXWS^ [^ V _ )W , SU)_]aS^W,ZWa`^S-V[Y,Z[_S bS` [Z- , SU)]aS^W1[aZVS bS` [Z , SU)]aS^W_S bS` [Z \\ US` [Z_[XS__ US[ZV ` [Z ZY U]a ^ ZYSZV[bW^U[ ZY WS^ O ^WaV SZ&Z[ VVWZaZU[Z_U [a_U[ZX U`_[^^W\^W__WV`^SaS_ O WSb [^ _`XWS^`^ YYW^ ZYVaW`[[ZW`^ S\S ^ ZYc ``WSZV_` aa_ YWZW^S 0S` [Z O [WXWS^_S^WU[ZV ` [ZWV
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