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Chapter 10

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Psychology 1000

Chapter 10 Intelligence Intelligence the ability to acquire knowledge to think and reason effectively and to deal adaptively with the environmentIntelligence QuotientIQ was the ratio of mental age to chronological age multiplied by 100 mental age chronological agex100 o A child performing at his age level would have an IQ of 100 o However the concept doesnt work well with adults StandfordBinet test introduced in 1916 Welchsler Adult Intelligence Scale 1939 Welchsler preschool and primary scale of intelligence in 1967TABLE ON PAGE 358Psychometrics the statistical study of psychological testso Tries to identify and measure the abilities that underlie individual differences in performanceo Factor Analysis Reduces a large number of measures to a smaller number of clusters or factors with each cluster containing variables that correlate highly with one another but less highly with variables in other clusters o A factor allows us to infer the underlying characteristics that presumably accounts for the links among the variables in the clusterso Cannot tell us that the 2 set of tests are measuring G Factor general Intelligence a component of intellectual performance according to spearman o Many theorist continue to believe that it is the core for intelligenceThurstone concluded that human mental performance depends not on a general factor but rather on 7 distinct abilities Primary Mental abilities o Space o Verbal comprehensiono Word fluencyo Number facilityo Perceptual speed o Rote memoryo Reasoning Educators tend to find the specific abilities notion of intelligence more attractive and useful then the general mental ability Crystallized Intelligence gc the ability to apply previously aczuired knowledge to current problemso Deneds on the ability to retrieve previously learned information and problem soving schemas from long term memory
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