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Chapter 1

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Psychology 1000
Wolfe/ Quinlan

Chapter 1 Psychology The Science of Behaviour The Nature of Psychology o Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mind Behaviour refers to actions and responses that we can observe Mind refers to internal states and processes ex thoughts and feelingso Clinical psychology the study and treatment of mental disorderso Cognitive psychology specializes in the study of mental processes They examine processes as consciousness attention memory decision making and problem solving An area of cognitive psychology is psycholinguistics studies the psychology of languageo Psychologys diversityBiopsychology focuses on the biological underpinnings of behaviour ex brain process genes hormones etcDevelopmental psychology examines human physical psychological and social development across a lifespan ex world of infants parenting styles etcExperimental psychology focuses on such basic process as learning sensory systems perception and motivational states Industrialorganizational IO psychology examines peoples behaviour in the workplacePersonality psychology focuses on the study of human personalitySocial psychology examines peoples thoughts feelings and behaviour pertaining to the social world the world of other people Psychologys Goals1 To describe how people and other animals behave 2 To explain and understand the causes of these behaviours 3 To predict how people and animals will behave under certain conditions4 To influence or control behaviour through knowledge and control of its causes to enhance human welfare Psychology as a Basic and Applied Science o Basic research the quest for knowledge purely for its own sake Example Robert CaveJigsaw Case Studyshowed how competition leads to hostility but could be reduced by making them more dependent on each other o Applied research designated to solve specific practical problems or the application of knowledge derived from basic research to solve practical problems Psychologys Broad Scope A Simple Framework o Levels of analysis Behaviour and its causes can be examined at the biological level eg brain processes genetic influences the psychological level eg our thoughts feelings and motives and the environmental level eg past and current social environments to which we are exposedPerspective on Behaviour o Perspectives different ways of viewing people Psychologys Intellectual Roots
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